Gratis Starter Kit DVD dari Neatbean

Selingan nih.... Hr ini aku males nulis Tutorial aku ngasih Kabar Gembira Aja ah.
Kemarin Pagi Tgl. 23 Juli 2008.. ada tukang Pos datang,,, dia ngasih Amplop, kirain Surat dari Siapa pas Aku liat dari Czech Republik eh ternyata dari Neatbeans... iseng2 aku ngisi pesanan di neatbeans disini untuk memesan Starterkit DVD gratis dari neatbeans... eh ternyata dapet walaupun agak lama sekitar hampir 1 bulanan dech.. tapi wajarkan Soalnya Jauh... Gratis LAgi
jadi apabila anda2 hobby Programming terutama Java Kenapa ga Coba nih caranya langsung isi aja formulirnya disini isikan email, nanti konfirmasi lewat email. oke

jika DVD telah dikirimkan nanti akan ada email sprti berikut:

*Order No.237161, 2008-06-06*

*Shipping Address*
Deden Mulyana
Jawa Barat

DVD: language English, platform: multi OS (Windows, Linux, Solaris x86,
Solaris SPARC and Mac OS X)

*Order Status*
*DVD was sent on 2008-06-26*

Delivery time depends on your location.
Common delivery time is up to 5 weeks.
If you reside in India, it may be up to 6 weeks.
*Please be patient*.

If you didn't recieve your DVD after 5 or 6 weeks, please reply to the
order confirmation email and mention your problem. Our team will send
you another DVD. Thanks!

nah sekian silakan coba ok... Gratis 100000%

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Twitter Cash Made Easy!

What is Twitter?
Twitter Cash Made Easy!, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. The service is free over the Internet, but using SMS may incur phone service provider fees.

how to make money by twitter and Quick Success on Twitter! ?
1) Put an ad in any blank space at the end of your 140-character messages — i.e. “Drink an ice cold, refreshing Pepsi.”

2) Send out an advertisement every 10th or 50th (whatever you learn to be OK with your users) twitter. Thus, I may receive 10 twitters of news announcements, and the 11th is an advertisement for Grey Goose vodka.

Next options…

3) Pay-Per-Twitter Message — If there was a username called “NYCtechJobs” — any person looking for a tech job in NYC could be a friend of this list, and be notified instantly of any new NYC tech jobs. Where would those jobs come from? Initially possibly just from Craigs List, Monster, Hot Jobs, etc … but then say you have 2,000 users that are the friends of “NYCtechJobs”, that means you have 2,000 prospective tech employees in the NYC area. A company would love to get their latest tech job out to those prospects, so they can find a hire — thus, they go to a web page you have setup, and they are able to create a message up to 140 characters (likely include a URL to full job details) with some details on the job. You can charge the employer for posting this.

Ditto with a list (er, username) like “NYCfurniture”. People could pay to broadcast their message to all of the friends of “NYCfurniture”.

4) Charge for access to your Twitter messages — Your username can be private and only your friends can receive/view your twitters. Thus, if you had valuable/timely information — you could have a subscription-based service where you charge $X for people to be your friend, and then they would have access to your twitters. Thus, a celebrity could charge for this — or a newspaper might do this to give you access to the news first — or some blogger that finds online shopping deals could send them to you … basically, if the user wanted to be “in the know” for whatever offering, they’d pay $X for access (per week or month). Note: You’d have to verify their subscriptions — and if they haven’t paid for the month, you’d remove them as a friend from your Twitter account.

5) Commissions on user purchases — Setup a service that allows users to buy products through this. User would need to setup an account with you with their credit card (or PayPal info, or a deposit into this proposed payment service) stored. I imagine a user could be browsing Wired magazine and be able to quickly purchase a subscription for $10 by ripping out their cell phone, Twittering a code like “d buy wired”, with a confirmation coming back to the user and them approving the confirmation possibly using a password, then the transaction occurring. Make $1k+/day on Twitter

The biggest question on everyone’s minds is what Evan Williams is thinking. They’re opening up their back-end to allow the development of applications on the Twitter platform (which I think is real smart, because people are going to build useful applications for Twitter users — and everyone will be using Twitter in some capacity more often) … but will Evan plan to charge these companies that are building apps? Will Evan not want these apps monetizing themselves? How is Evan planning to monetize Twitter — or will he sell and leave that to a Yahoo/Microsoft/News Corp to figure out how to extract value out of the massive userbase (like his sale of Blogger to Google)? I don’t think Evan knows the answers quite yet — he’s just focused on building a great application for users.

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